An overlooked necessity that benefits the end user...

Startup and commissioning of HVAC and refrigeration systems used to be geared to the owner or user of that space.  Somewhere in the last few decades, that has changed. Today, the commissioning process has turned into a process that verifies that equipment is installed and running "properly" and makes sure the contractor gets paid.  Unfortunately, equipment that runs for an hour or so during startup has no bearing on how that equipment is going to operate in the long term or actually perform once the space in being utilized as intended; and that's all that matters.

What we do.

Understand end user's needs

Pre & post occupation testing

Full occupancy simulation

Systems tuning and basic training

Design and install service

Identify issues, prevent problems


Making sure your heating & air conditioning will work when you need it to

When your HVAC system and refrigeration equipment was "started up and balanced" it was not likely done under realistic business operating conditions.  That is why these systems often don't work well down the road when you need them to; something you may not find out until it is too late. The balancing and commissioning process is no longer a service designed to benefit the end user.  Unfortunately, it has become part of a checklist to make sure that the vendors on the project get paid.

If you want to make sure that your HVAC and equipment is going to work well when you need it to, then you must test it under duress and watch to see how it responds.  Have you ever noticed that a restaurant's heating and air-conditioning is often "balanced" when the kitchen isn't running at all never mind when the restaurant is at full capacity?  And it is virtually impossible to test proper functionality of an air-conditioning system unless it's warm and humid outside; and yet these systems are commissioned and balanced all the time during the mild shoulder seasons.  It is only when the hot and humid weather does arrive do you realize that there's a problem.  By then, it's often too late because all the vendors on the project have been paid.

Fine tuning and support services

A staff that is properly trained to operate and manage refrigeration, HVAC and ice making equipment will save money, reduce breakdowns and nearly eliminate emergency service calls and costly product loss.

We can provide simple and cost effective training options for your management.


Rapid Hygiene Monitoring & Equipment Care

Get the most out of your equipment and keep it safe with instant ATP testing with our state of the art luminometer.

Lack of proper preventative maintenance and cleaning of foodservice, ice and refrigeration equipment is one of the largest problems for businesses.  This leads to unnecessary equipment breakdowns, headaches and product loss.  Properly cleaned, maintained and operated equipment runs more efficiently, costs less and eliminates the need for expensive emergency service calls and product spoilage.

We conduct a full assessment of your cleaning program using instant read luminometer testing and give you immediate feedback on the cleaning effectiveness of your programs.

What we do.

Instant hygiene testing (ATP)

Equipment maintenance review

Vendor maintenance training

Tailored sanitation programs

Ice maker sanitation analysis

Equipment sanitation training


Providing unbiased and trusted advice to our clients...

Whether a new construction or refrigeration project, a problematic and seemingly uncorrectable issue, or just set of fresh eyes on an existing system or facility, we provide trusted refrigeration knowledge, support and problem solving for businesses in all industries.

What we consult about.

Construction projects

Refrigeration & HVAC systems

Repair history & maintenance

Equipment sanitation

Maintenance programs

System Analysis and Consulting

Every company utilizes different refrigeration systems and equipment.  They range from heating and air conditioning systems to ice making and even large industrial systems as are used in cold storage, food manufacturing and biotech.     Most of our consulting begins with a repair and maintenance history review of equipment and then a walk-through with the existing operators and maintenance personnel.  Only by understanding the history and current state of operations can we offer intelligent advice on the issue at hand.


Maximizing the efficiency of your equipment and systems.

We work with businesses to assist in the myriad of issues associated with refrigeration and HVAC.  IceLogix can support, in any manner, all of your refrigeration needs from design oversight to commissioning to balancing, commissioning and proper operation of new refrigeration systems.

How we serve you.

Owner’s Advocate

Tenant Representation

System commissioning verification

Vendor relations

System efficiency verification

Creating synergistic efficiencies

Management, operations and maintenance personnel are all trained to do their jobs with different objectives.   They all have their own specific goals and individual areas of expertise but those areas do not always overlap and often conflict.  IceLogix can work with your employees and vendors in a support role for all your refrigeration, HVAC and ice making equipment.  We can create the synergy that will reduce operating expense, maximize output and reduce headaches.

New and existing project support

Owners’s representative support before, during and at commissioning of small and large projects is often overlooked.  Our expertise in refrigeration projects is extensive and includes commercial ice maker installations, commercial freezer and cooler projects and even industrial, low temperature ammonia systems for cold storage.  What always seems to be lacking during any such project is a refrigeration savvy owner’s representative.  We often act in that capacity and have our clients’s best interests as our only concern.

Equipment commissioning and system balancing

New system startup and balancing is crucial but often overlooked.  Virtually every HVAC and refrigeration contract contains language that includes start-up balancing and training for the new system or equipment.  Unfortunately, the language does not specify that any of the aforementioned need be efficient or cost effective.  Usually it is the general contractor that is responsible for this stage and most simply do not have the knowledge to set up or balance most refrigeration systems to run in the most efficient manner.  IceLogix will support or assist you or your refrigeration contractor to ensure proper and efficient operation.

Trusted and tailored services with an immediate payback.


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