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Refrigeration, HVAC and ice manufacturing equipment exists virtually unnoticed (until it breaks down) in every business, residence and facility.  This makes the breadth of our training, consulting and support services extensive.  From the smallest bar or restaurant to the largest food manufacturing facility, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with unbiased training and advice that yields immediate and ongoing payback for years to come.

Examples of our client’s successes.

A food manufacturing firm was receiving conflicting bids for upgrades to a refrigeration system at their facility.  IceLogix was brought in as an owner’s representative and reviewed the different proposals.  We met with ownership, management and the bidding vendors to better understand the quotations provided and the suggested upgrades.  After further review, the bids were adjusted to reflect a new and reduced scope of the work to be completed  The upgrade ended up requiring less work than originally bid by both vendors and the overall cost was reduced by over $100,000.

An engineering firm was the general contractor on a new special event venue with large walk in freezers, coolers and multiple HVAC units.  When refrigeration problems arose on startup,  IceLogix was asked to work with the engineering firm as a liaison with the multiple refrigeration and HVAC contractors on the job.  We worked as the lead to help balance the multiple systems in the facility and set them up to operate at maximum efficiency.  The owner of the facility subsequently hired IceLogix to train the facility managers to properly operate and oversee the new refrigeration and HVAC equipment and teach them to identify future mechanical issues before they became problems.

A restaurant needed advice on which brand of ice maker they should purchase to replace one of their currently malfunctioning machines that was not making enough ice and could not be repaired by the service technician.  A review of past repair documents and an analysis of the ice-maker showed us several issues.   The refrigeration technician and a plumber were called in and instructed how to get the ice maker into proper operating condition.  That ice maker is now functioning perfectly and will run for many years saving the restaurant thousands of dollars.

A public cold storage facility asked IceLogix to work with their key operations people to make suggestions that would increase operating efficiency.  By working with us to understand the most efficient way to stage and balance their refrigeration system, the facility reduced its electricity consumption by 15%.  This was done by making very simple, and yet previously overlooked adjustments to the system.  IceLogix now performs a quarterly half day document review and walkthrough of the facility with the Director of Operations to assist with maintaining ongoing efficiencies and addressing any new issues.

An upscale restaurant and bar needed some unbiased direction on what options they had for food-grade, large format and novel artisan ice for their specialty drinks.  After exploring several creative options we worked with them to find a manufacturer of the product and ensured that the ice was made and packaged according to approved food safety standards.  Subsequently, this restaurant hired IceLogix to train the kitchen staff to regularly clean and sanitize their own ice machines and implement an ongoing sanitation program.  This decision saved them several thousand dollars each year on maintenance, utility costs and outside ice purchases.

A restaurant chain had questions about the ice it manufactured at all of its locations.  After a review of the ice operations in conjunction with the operations manager, we helped the company implement an effective ice maker cleaning and sanitation program.  This program involved using both independent refrigeration service technicians and the restaurants own employees.  The result was better running equipment, no more breakdowns, a higher quality ice product and an average cost savings of 30% at each location.

A 150 seat restaurant asked IceLogix to train its general manager and chef to be able better understand the air conditioning, freezer and cooler operation.  Understanding how this equipment operates has allowed management and staff to identify problems before they are catastrophic and negatively affecting business and the customers.  In just one year, this location has eliminated emergency service calls for all of its ice making equipment, coolers, freezers and HVAC.


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