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About Us

An unmatched skill set combining business proficiency, refrigeration knowledge, energy use and system and equipment operations.

Joe Lillis CP-FS, a 20 year resident of Boston, is the owner of IceLogix.  Joe spent over 30 years in the industrial ice and cold storage industry and served as CEO of the fourth largest packaged ice company in the U.S.  He is an expert in refrigeration, HVAC operations and problem solving with specialized knowledge and a passion for commercial ice machine cleaning, sanitation and maintenance programs.  Joe now trains and consults commercial foodservice, healthcare and biotech companies on proper use, management and oversight of their refrigeration and HVAC equipment and related facilities and systems.  He also teaches management personnel the methods to properly oversee the service companies that maintain those systems.  As a former food manufacturing CEO and COO, Joe’s leadership skills, operational knowledge and problem solving abilities, paired with a combination of business, refrigeration and food safety knowledge, are unmatched anywhere and yet essential and applicable in a wide range of industries. VISIT JOE'S LINKEDIN PROFILE.

The Issue

When it comes to refrigeration equipment, knowledge is indeed power.  Unfortunately, most owners, managers and operators of commercial refrigeration, HVAC and ice making equipment have limited knowledge about how those systems should optimally run.  Remarkably, even trained refrigeration and HVAC technicians are not educated or experienced in the matter of day to day efficient operations of the equipment they work on.  This lack of efficient operational experience can cost a small business thousands of dollars each year.

Our Solution

With decades of business experience combined with extensive knowledge about refrigeration, HVAC and ice manufacturing, IceLogix’s skill set offers training, consulting and ongoing advisory services to businesses.  We provide these services to owners, operators and maintenance personnel of all refrigeration, HVAC and ice making equipment.

We offer needed operational refrigeration concepts for owners, managers, maintenance personnel or anyone responsible for working with controlling those costs.   Even the most basic on-site refrigeration knowledge will lead to reduced operating expenses, reduced maintenance costs and significantly reduce headaches.  We will teach you to learn to effectively manage and operate your own equipment and systems in the most efficient manner possible.

Would you or your staff like to...

Better negotiate with your refrigeration and HVAC repair company or technician?

Be able to better understand and respond to quotations, invoices and work orders?

Significantly reduce operating expenses while extending equipment life?

Avoid risk and emergencies in your everyday business operations?

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